To Michael Jackson, I'm sorry!

Hi Michael Jackson and whoever reading this. I haven't made the time to write earlier.

When I found out about your death it was midnight in Sweden and I couldn't sleep until 8:00 am. I was so shocked, I was so sad and all I did was to read all the news and browse for more updates. When this site was updated my hope were over. You were truly dead and my heart stopped beating for a few moments.

This night I stayed up all night again, after a day totally dedicated to you. I couldn't sleep again. I believe I still can't quite understand that you're gone.

I actually never was a die hard fan. I think I was too young. And now afterwards, I feel shame and guilt that I didn't appreciate you earlier. I feel sad that I didn't realize it earlier and got the chance to enjoy your work while you could still hear me. I hope you hear me now. There will never be another you so be proud. I'm proud. I'm proud that I took your death so hard 'course now I truly love you, I'm addicted and I have many of your treasures yet to discover. I will tell this fairytale to my future children so that the earth never forget what you gave us.

I'm also proud that in the 90's I was never the one to judge you. I liked you anyway and I think that your kindness reached too me that I really didn't care about what people wanted to sue you about. I really must quote something that everybody must think about! Al Sharpton said on the Memorial Service: "I want his three children to know, It wasn't nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with...". I and many with me will forever respect you for who you truly were.

These weeks have been full of news stalking, joy, gratitude and of course you nonstop in our speakers. The neighbors and my workmates are slowly getting crazy, but I feel alive.

Thank you.

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